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Congratulations to BPF’s Dennis Veeh for being honored as a 40 year member! Also, BPF CPA Robin Pippin spoke on the accounting profession panel. BPF hosted 5 tables at Student Night held at Tornino’s 9/21. BPF Research Fellow Chair & Fresno State accounting professor, Dr. Lizhong Hao, was also our guest. Thank you to CalCPA Fresno Chapter for a successful Student Night!

JULY 2016 ISSUE CONTENTS: • Are You Paying Too Much Self-Employment Tax? • Tax Tidbits • Ag Business Award Application • 2016 Fresno Food Expo and Baker Peterson Franklin • 2016 Call for Ag Awards Nomination and Luncheon • Annual BPF Golf Tournament • Calendar


BE WARY OF FRAUDULENT CP2000 The IRS is warning taxpayers and practitioners that a new scam uses fraudulent CP2000s to solicit money from taxpayers. The fraudulent forms look convincing, and show balances due that are small enough that taxpayers just might pay rather than arguing the point. However, upon closer inspection, these forms have telltale signs of fraud: • The instructions direct the taxpayer to make out a check to "I.R.S." rather than to "United States Treasury;" and • The return address is "Austin Processing Center, P.O. Box 15264, Austin, TX 78761-5264," which does not match the address listed on the IRS website for the Austin Processing Center. Tax practitioners should advise clients to contact them if any unexpected balance due arrives from the IRS, so that the correspondence can be verified. The IRS has not yet posted an alert about this phishing scam variation, but information is forthcoming and it will be available at the following page: www.irs.gov/uac/latest-news


July 25, 2016

2016 BPF AG BUSINESS AWARD NOMINATIONS OPEN - Click for nomination form - Deadline is Wednesday September 14.

Hear From our Clients

BPF rocks! All BPF staff have been very professional, highly responsive to my needs, extremely helpful, and friendly...

BPF’s honesty and integrity are second to none -- however that doesn’t limit them from thinking outside the box. hey suggested a tax strategy that represented an enormous savings in tax dollars for Ultra Gro.

BPF has proved time and time again to be very timely with our work, and their presentations are extremely thorough. The completion dates of projects are always discussed in advance, and have never been missed by BPF.

There is no doubt in my mind that BPF and Ultra Gro are true business partners. The BPF staff has taken the time to completely submerge themselves into my business, and have become very familiar with all aspects. By BPF taking the time to gain knowledge of our business, they have become great allies in the current and future business planning for Ultra Gro.