• Jennifer Almaraz Administrative Staff

    What Jennifer loves most about BPF is the friendly environment and the opportunity for growth at the firm. The fact that each day is a new day, and she has the opportunity to become a better version of herself motivates Jennifer. She enjoys spending time with family, especially her nephew.

  • Helen Amaral-Flores Administrative Staff
    AA, Business Management – Evergreen Valley College

    Joining the BPF team in 2013, Helen Amaral-Flores appreciates the family-like atmosphere and positive work environment. Helen works hard so she can spend more time with her friends and family, especially her two children and their dog, Gizzmo.

  • Janell Attebery Certified Public Accountant Partner
    CPA | BS, Business Administration, Accountancy, Rodman Scholar - California State University, Fresno

    Janell Attebery brought smarts, education and experience from Ernst & Young with her when she joined the BPF family in 2003. Her primary experience includes performing and managing audits, reviews and compilations, as well as tax planning and consulting. Janell loves her work – and her family – and the fact that BPF allows her the flexibility she needs to do both well. With young kids at home, after-hour highlights include watching her son play sports and her daughter dance.

  • Heather Bennett Certified Public Accountant
    CPA | BS, Business Administration, Accounting – California State University, Fresno

    After eight years at Deloitte, Heather Bennett joined BPF where she reviews and prepares tax returns, including corporations, partnerships, individuals, trusts and exempt organizations, and provides tax planning and consulting for clients. She loves her work, the people and the culture of BPF – a friendly, supportive environment that allows her to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Speaking of balance, nothing brings Heather more joy than spending time with her three children and cheering them on in their many activities, including theater and sports.

  • Alisa Brandon Administrative Staff

    Alisa Brandon has been a faithful BPF employee since 2007. She takes pride in each and every job she is given, both big and small. Making clients and co-workers happy is her greatest motivation.


    The lesson Carmen learned early in life that she carries with her to work is to live your life daily. A person can’t always predict the future and unexpected things can happen. The BPF family is what Carmen enjoys the most about work, and her own family brings her joy outside of work.

  • Adrienne Cantrell Director of Administration
    CPA | BS, Business Administration, Accountancy - California State University, Fresno

    With BPF since 1999, Adrienne Cantrell began her career in the Audit & Assurance department, later moving into a leadership role as Director of Administration. She served as President of the Fresno Chapter of CalCPA in 2007-2008, and from 2008-2012 as member of the CalCPA Education Foundation Board of Trustees. Adrienne loves being a CPA because she continues to learn something new each and every day. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and knitting.

  • Allison Case Certified Public Accountant
    CPA | BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Stanislaus

    Allison Case loves that she can learn something new every day at BPF, and is able to assist of variety of clients improve their businesses. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and playing sports in her free time.

  • Sally Cook Director of Human Resources
    CPA | BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    Sally Cook honed her skills at two firms before coming to BPF in 2005, and provided both A&A and tax services for agricultural, manufacturing, and service companies. Taking on a different leadership role, Sally transitioned into the Director of Human Resources position and is now responsible for personnel issues including scheduling, recruiting, retention and continuing education. Inspired by her faith and family, Sally loves her work, in large part, because of “the most down-to-earth, brilliant, and funny” co-workers and clients she is blessed to work with every day.

  • Claudia Crider Certified Public Accountant
    CPA | BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    Claudia Crider began working at BPF part-time while she was still in college. Upon graduating in 2001, she was hired full-time and neither party has ever looked back. Today, Claudia’s focus is on managing and performing audits, reviews and compilations of privately-owned companies in a variety of industries as well as providing consulting services. Her work is engaging, but it is the BPF family that she loves most about her work. Outside of work, she lives for quality time with her husband and four children.


    Emily enjoys the positive and welcoming atmosphere, challenging variety of work, and opportunity for growth at BPF. She learned early in life the harder you work, the more rewarding it is when you succeed. Emily enjoys spending time with family, being active in the agriculture community, road trips throughout the U.S. and spending weekends in the mountains.

  • Daniel Dreitzer Professional Staff
    BS, Business Administration - Accountancy - California State University, Fresno

    Daniel enjoys the friendly and productive atmosphere at BPF, and always feels welcome and appreciated here. He enjoys watching football, especially the Baltimore Ravens, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Carol Fenzke Business Support Services

    Carol Fenzke brought extensive experience in bookkeeping and accounting to BPF, when she joined the firm in 2006. Currently, she works directly with clients delivering bookkeeping, payroll, and accounts payable to financial statements. Carol enjoys the variety of clients and challenges that allows her to be creative and consistently deliver results.

  • Justin Fernandez Professional Staff
    BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    Justin Fernandez likes the wide variety of experience accounting provides – tax, audit, private & public accounting. But more importantly, he’s able to learn about different types of businesses and provide useful information that will assist them with business decisions. Outside the office, he enjoys hiking at nearby national parks, Southern California beaches, running, playing football and Frisbee.

  • Scott Findley Professional Staff
    BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    Scott Findley learned that every day he may be preparing tax returns or working on engagements, but each job is different. The work is challenging and requires Scott to obtain new knowledge and develop a better understanding of various entities and businesses. This lifelong learning initially drew Scott to the accounting profession.

  • Bill Fink Director of Taxation
    BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – San Diego State University

    Since joining BPF in 1987, Bill Fink has focused on taxes – and trying to help clients find creative ways to pay less of them. With a deep commitment to delivering exceptional results, Bill never tires of working alongside very talented colleagues and exceptional clients.

  • Tiffanie Freeman Certified Public Accountant
    CPA | BS, Business Administration, Accountancy and BA, Mathematics – California State University, Fresno

    A versatile, team player, Tiffanie Freeman, has contributed on various accounting, auditing and tax projects, including audits and reviews in the agriculture industry, and tax planning and preparation of individual, entity and amended returns. Tiffanie approaches her work with great intention – to give her all and do right by her clients each and every day. After hours, she is intentional about relaxing, by spending time with friends and family, playing sports and watching movies.

  • Erin Goldfarb Certified Public Accountant Partner
    CPA | BA, Business Economics, Accounting – University of California, Santa Barbara

    After graduating from college in 2000, Erin Goldfarb began her accounting career by gaining valuable experience at a local accounting firm and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Erin joined the BPF family in 2005, and is responsible for assurance and consulting engagements for clients in a variety of industries. She also serves as the chair of the firm’s internal mentoring program, responsible for mentoring professional staff and training fellow mentors. It’s a good role for Erin, who is motivated by the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life, both personally and professionally.

  • Thomas Goodpaster Certified Public Accountant
    CPA | BS, Business Administration - Accountancy - California State University, Fresno

    What appeals to Thomas the most about working at BPF is the family atmosphere – he notes the employees and management really care about one another. Thomas enjoys watching and playing sports (primarily football), and spending time with family, friends, and his dogs.

  • Mitchell Grubb Certified Public Accountant
    BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    Mitch joined BPF in 2017, and loves the wide variety of tax work he’s experienced in his accounting career. He’s worked on tax returns for high net worth individuals and large family business, while also completing individual returns that are not as complex.

  • Chris Hamlin Professional Staff
    BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    Chris enjoys accounting because of the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients. He finds it fulfilling to provide value to their businesses with tax, assurance and consulting services. Chris enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching and playing sports.

  • Michael Holtermann Certified Public Accountant Partner
    CPA | BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    Since 2008, Michael Holtermann has been a member of the BPF family, providing tax, consulting services and generational planning for closely-held and family businesses. Early in his career, he learned that it is relatively easy to leave an imprint in the world – and he intends to do so. To that end, Michael approaches each challenge as an opportunity to help his clients reach their goals, and works hard to create opportunities for his colleagues to succeed.

  • Christie Kiessling Administrative Staff
    Chabot College, Hayward, CA

    Christie’s career gives her the opportunity to utilize the skills sets she’s attained, and expand them to provide excellent administrative support to external and internal clients. Her position gives her the opportunity to help make someone else’s life easier. She considers it an honor and a privilege, knowing that at the end of the day, she was a small part of something really great at BPF. Christie’s philosophy is everyone is important and has something to offer, regardless of position, title or responsibility, and that it’s important to treat everyone with respect and kindness

  • Julie Maldonado Director of Marketing
    MBA, Business Administration, Management – San Diego State University | BA, Sociology and Business Administration – California State University, Fresno

    Julie Maldonado brought a wealth of marketing experience in the financial service and retail industries, when she came to BPF in 1989, as the firm’s first Director of Marketing. Her role has changed and grown over the years, and today she is responsible for advertising, electronic media, communications, sales programs, strategic planning, special events, public relations and special projects – work she thoroughly enjoys. Julie attributes her enjoyment to the BPF staff – outstanding people who care deeply about their work, our clients and the community. Both her professional and personal life brings her much joy, and she enjoys spending time with family, friends, reading and traveling.

  • Jayne Massie Business Support Services

    With a diversified background in accounting services, including payroll, property tax and problem resolution, Jayne Massie was an asset from day one at BPF, where she has been part of the team since 2001. Jayne works hard to bring her best each and every day. She seeks to do more than survive – she intends to thrive – and so she delivers more than is expected of her. And sure enough, she continues to thrive at BPF.

  • Whitney McCurley Certified Public Accountant
    CPA | MBA, BA, Mathematics, Smittcamp Family Honors College – California State University, Fresno

    Whitney McCurley has been at BPF since 2012, but every day still presents new challenges. The always-changing nature of the job is what Whitney loves best, and she thrives on solving the challenges presented by her clients. Outside of work, she enjoys running and spending time outdoors with her husband and their two dogs.

  • Karen Morais Certified Public Accountant Partner
    CPA | BS, Agricultural Business, Animal Science - California State University, Fresno

    Karen Morais has been with BPF since 1984. She attributes her long and successful career to a love of the process. Karen enjoys working together with colleagues and staff to find the best solution to problems, and partnering with clients to strategize and craft plans. Outside of the office, you’ll find Karen – in no particular order – cooking, golfing, and spending time with family, friends and her dog.

  • Colleen O'Hair Administrative Staff
    Fresno City College

    Colleen O’Hair came to BPF from a national accounting firm, where she served in administration. Colleen is dedicated to her work at BPF, and enjoys the people she works alongside and the clients they serve together. Colleen enjoys spending time with friends and family and working out.

  • Robin Pippin Professional Staff
    MS, Accountancy, Texas A&M University | BS, Business Administration, Texas A&M University

    Helping clients find solutions for their business challenges and needs motivate Robin every day. She loves the culture at BPF, and finds everyone is very friendly and helpful. The company truly cares about the employee’s success.

  • Robert Quelch Administrative Staff
    Miller Institute of Technology, Phoenix, AZ | Northeastern University, Waltham, MA | Champlain College, Burlington, VT

    Robert Quelch enjoys the friendly faces of coworkers and clients that greet him every day. A lesson he learned early in life that he still carries with him – “It’s not the change that is difficult, but it’s the resistance to the change.”

  • David Rodriguez Professional Staff

    What David Rodriquez loves the most about his accounting career is there’s never a dull moment. Public accounting constantly changes, and there is always an opportunity to learn something new. Watching his daughters participate in soccer or gymnastics brings David joy – he loves to see them happy.

    BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    Jake always played team sports growing up and in college. With years of sports practices and competitions, he learned success is determined by long hours of hard work. This lesson Jake learned early in life and his work ethic have been positive influences on his early career

  • Chad Smith Certified Public Accountant
    BA, Accounting - Vanguard University of Southern California

    The personal interaction Chad Smith enjoys with his BPF colleagues and clients, and building relationships with them motivates him daily. Outside of BPF, Chad enjoys running and spending time with his wife.

  • Khao Song Professional Staff
    BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    Khao Song knows anything is possible, if you’re willing to devote time and effort and never give up. Her motivation is her children. Every day, Khao tries her best to do better so she can reach her professional goals, allowing her to provide for her children. She also wants to be an example to them, so they will work hard in life and learn what it takes to become successful.

  • Kyle Stephenson Certified Public Accountant Managing Partner
    CPA | BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    An important part of the BPF family since 1976, Kyle Stephenson still gets excited about the opportunity to collaborate with firm personnel, clients and community leaders to make the respective organizations, and the local community, better places. Kyle is thankful for a career that brought him so much joy and considers the BPF culture a big part of that: “bright and positive people with integrity, drive and ambition, operating as a team to create solutions and opportunities.”

  • Craig Travis Director of Information Technology
    AA, General Studies – Fresno City College | Certificate, Electrical Systems Technology, CCNA, Security Certification – Cisco Academy

    Craig Travis has ushered BPF into the age of technology, from green ledger paper and one-write check systems in 1994 when he started, to a modern, multi-platform IT infrastructure today. Fully aware that not everyone enjoys learning HTML and CSS programming languages for fun, like he does, Craig works hard to simplify and streamline technology for both colleagues and clients. Always striving to help people, Craig is a life-long learner dedicated to broadening his knowledge.

  • Christine Twitchell Administrative Staff
    Notary | AS, Business Management – Fresno City College

    Christine Twitchell came to BPF with more than 20 years of administrative experience in the accounting industry. She loves to be challenged and enjoys exceeding expectations – clients, peers, and her own. Her success is no doubt connected to her internal drive and commitment to superior follow-through.

  • Brandon Vance Certified Public Accountant Partner
    CPA, CFE | BS, Business Administration, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    After graduating from college in 1993, Brandon Vance accepted a Staff Accountant position at BPF and never looked back. Today, he leads the Audit and Accounting department, focused on delivering clients excellent service ahead of schedule. Brandon believes his relationships with colleagues and clients, many of whom he calls friends, are both the highlight of his work and the key to his success in the service industry.

  • Nancy Vang Professional Staff

    During her BPF college tax internships, Nancy loved communicating and working with staff at every level of the firm. Her daily motivation is her son – Nancy and her husband want to give him more than what their parents were able to provide to them. To give the best to their son, Nancy believes she must give her best in everything she does. Nancy enjoys spending time with her family, KPop and Korean dramas.

  • Dennis Veeh Certified Public Accountant Partner
    CPA | BS, Business Administration - Accountancy – California State University, Fresno

    Dennis Veeh is somewhat of an institution at BPF. He has made a name for himself providing tax and consulting services to the ag industry, becoming a close, personal business advisor to most of his clients since 1974. Dennis derives satisfaction from helping clients make strategic business decisions – he considers a client’s success, his success. His leadership philosophy is all about teamwork, and has helped BPF develop a culture where humility, respect and collaboration reign supreme.

  • Cathleen Wiens Certified Public Accountant
    CPA | MSA, Accountancy – California State University, Fresno | PhD, Forensic Psychology – California School of Professional Psychology | MA, BA, Psychology – California State University, Fresno

    With a PhD in Forensic Psychology, Cathleen Wiens defies accounting stereotypes. In addition to more than 15 years in accounting and bookkeeping, she has conducted psychological research in academia and taught psychology at the college level. She joined BPF in 2013. Growing up in an accounting family, Cathleen’s first work experiences were in accounting which have always satisfied her analytical (logical) nature. Cathleen brings a deep love of learning and insatiable curiosity to everything she does, and her colleagues and accounting clients reap the benefits.

  • Shad Winters Certified Public Accountant
    CPA | BS, Business Administration, Accounting – San Diego State University

    Shad Winters has been at BPF since 2006, and continues to enjoy the collegial environment and fantastic clients. His positive attitude and ability to adapt to new situations have served him well in his life and career. After hours, Shad enjoys being outdoors with family and friends.